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Health Education and Awareness: A Multifaceted Approach to Leukemia Control in Northern Brazil


Leukemia is Brazil's 10th most common cancer type, ranking as the 6th most common type in both men and women in the Northern Region. Controlling this neoplasia is a challenge for public health; therefore, adopting policies encompassing human resources training is necessary. This ensures that each professional understands their role in controlling this disease and that society is aware of the risk factors, signs, and symptoms associated with leukemia in order to seek medical help early.


Thus, this present work aims to develop a health education approach for students and professionals interested in the field of hematological neoplasms and to raise awareness among society about crucial information regarding leukemias.


We organized the "Clinical-Scientific Journey on Leukemias" event at the Federal University of Pará. This event covered topics such as updated molecular classifications, diagnosis by cytometry, nutritional therapy, key clinical aspects, leukemia epidemiology in the state of Pará, and a roundtable discussion on our group's most recent leukemia research. Additionally, we created two informative pamphlets: one with technical information on molecular leukemia diagnosis to be distributed during the event and another with more straightforward language addressing basic information such as key risk factors, signs, and symptoms associated with leukemia to be distributed at Praça da República (Belém-PA). Finally, we promoted an informative post about the February Orange campaign on social media.


With these interventions, we reached 200 people at the square by distributing pamphlets and open discussions about the contained information. During the event, we reached 105 people over two days by distributing pamphlets during registration. In the digital educational intervention via the informative post, we reached 1493 accounts/people. Furthermore, all the money collected from event registration fees for the "Clinical-Scientific Journey on Leukemias" was donated to the Áster Institute. This non-governmental organization provides voluntary assistance to children with cancer in Belém-PA.


In summary, health education approaches, especially those focused on hematological cancers, are undoubtedly necessary for increased social engagement and the training of human resources for social assistance and research.


Leukemia, Health education and Awareness

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Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico


Estudo Clínico - Tumores Onco-Hematológicos


THAISSA VITORIA PORTAL RODRIGUES, André Salim Khayat, Marcelli Geisse de Oliveira Prata Silva, Marcelo Braga de Oliveira, Eliel Barbosa Teixeira, Lucas Brabo Rotella, Ágata Tereza Miranda Tavares, Márcio Santana de Aquino, Susanne Sueli Santos da Fonseca, Emanuele Raimunda Louzada Moraes, Samara do Nascimento Lima, Monique Feitoza Silva, Sabrina Oliveira Araújo, Paulo Pimentel de Assumpção, Bruna Claudia Meireles Khayat